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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Edit: I've just had a look at the Rowen single shot loader and been told about your particular dexterity problems.. my loading tray probably won't help at all then, it's a tray rather than a loader.

If you look inside the block you'll see that the hole for the probe is larger than the probe. What you could do is glue a bit of rubber inside the block at the front with a hole in it just large enough for the probe but not large enough to allow a pellet to pass back through.

The other solution is to remember to always point the barrel down when loading your gun.
I've put the Westie tray back in Brian. I didn't have problems with the bolt probe jamming until I started using the Rowan loader. That is not a detrimental comment upon the Rowan loader. I know where the fault lies. With me !! But as it's likely to be a recurring problem, I'm going to go back to the Westie tray.

I've stripped the action - and found a significant amount of debris in the bolt probe mechanism tube - which is why it was jamming. That is now all cleaned out, sprayed with silicone, and is as smooth as whipped cream.
In the process, I also checked the trigger mechanism, because lately it hasn't been as precise as it once was, and found that the pressure spring on the 1st stage grubscrew was broken. So that's been replaced too.
I'll adjust it in the morning, but for now it feels much sweeter again.
It's on charge overnight now.
Then, once I've adjusted the trigger 1st & 2nd stage, it's out to the 50yd outdoor range at Sywell in the morning.
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