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Originally Posted by DeanB View Post
I had a Mk1 Nikko unfortunately now broke. I also have a MK3 - mine is no where near as clear as the Mk1 but ranges to within 4ft on targets out to 55 yards - the image is nothing like as clear as the Mk1. Dean
Pretty much sums them up with the name of disposable scope given to them. Brought about when Vari X 3 were approx 1100 you could have 4 Nikos hopefully lasting 12 months.

Did have an average to good BSA when they just come out (2001?) it was the shortest I have ever owned a scope junked it less than a day later. Couldn't even make out face plate shape yet alone colour or kill area or even get a zero within 4". Ropey mark 1 Tasco no problem just milky, Mark 4 whats the problem.
Had the best of 9 Niko mark1 laid out in a line paid full whack 280 and 260 mile round trip from BAR, now I could have got one trade price = not worth the risk. This mark 1 Niko Feb 2004, kept 5 weeks then got shut. Easy 8 yards error, turrets not progressive and too top heavy.

Having had several of pretty much all scopes inc 7 Marchs, the only scope I would look at would be early T50, Sightron and a Comp if can live with fixed mag, I cant.
Scopes don't have to snap to rangefind and agree with Mark too much emphasis is put on large gaps.
Theres no such thing as a perfect scope theres always a trade off and probably where the S3 will fit nicely.
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