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Kingsley, newish club in Staffs moorlands, has a 100% UKAHFT shoot on this coming Sunday.

Steve C puts the courses out to UKAHFT spec.

Bert T and Mike E shoot there.

Prob @ 15/20 mins from M6 J15.

This will be the first shoot of a new season but all are always welcome.

If anyone fancied a visit to one of Kingsley's shoots then they start around 9.30am and finish around 12.30 - 1pm. There are a few local gunshop/fishing shops locally. Dolphin Discounts which is near Stoke. Pets and Pastimes in Kidsgrove. SCR Dave Brayford near Audley. All 3 of these shops are within half an hour drive of the shoot and have lots of interest for airgunners. I'm not sure if SCR is open on a Sunday but Dolphin and Pets and Pastimes are. All 3 shops have websites that will give details of opening etc.

Kingsley shoot is in dense woodland.

I'm nothing to do with running the club but the lads there have worked hard to get the club where it is and are hoping to get the farmer to provide an area of land for parking, booking in etc. I'm sure they would appreciate the support from anyone who could turn up and enjoy a shoot there.

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