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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
Jack i know you struggle with single pellet loading,but is the standard pellet tray not an option?
It seem's that the single pellet loader is more trouble than it's worth,maybe take a good look at the loader and check it's alinement,don't forget to be gentle when loading,you don't want dammaged pellet's.
I do have a Westie tray single shot loader. And I like it.
The Rowan was recommended, as an option - so I'm trying it.
But I'm seriously considering going back to the Westie. I certainly don't recall having any jamming problems when I was using it.

Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Have you not got a single shot tray for your Mk3 Jack?

I've got one spare kicking around you're welcome to if you want it - It's for a right handed shooter I think, just in case you're a lefty.

Gimme a shout if you want it and I'll fish it out of my bits n bobs crate and bring it along to Iceni
Thanks Brian. The Westie that I have can be used either right, or left handed, as can the Rowan - due it it being held in position be magnets equilateral about the centre-line of the action.
But thank you for the kind offer.

Originally Posted by mod23 View Post
Sorry Jack,Couldnt make it up there today,Needed a little more checking this week.
How did you get on today,Over 14 I hope.
And shooting on your own is O.K ,I do it quite often.
Will you be coming down this way this week as I will be about if you need a little informal comp.(inbox me)
16 o/of 20 Phil.
Not GP targets. But all of the Sywell usual assortment in the first half, before going over the footbridge into the 2nd section. Which is the 2nd group of 20 that I didn't do - presumably beginning with the four Standers
I'll Inbox you
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