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Default keep plugging away Jack

But he wasn't there. It may be that he's worried that I'm going to beat him one of these days soon.
Maybe not ......
Sound's like you've got them running scared Jack.
Anyway, everyone else paired off and I was left on my own.
Billy, i mean Jack no mate's
On lane number 5 I had a repeat of the bolt jamming, which I'd experienced at Redfearns.
Single shot tray

This afternoon, after watching Chris Frome win the TdF Mount Ventoux stage, I stripped the Mk3 and found the remains of 5 damaged pellets in the action. No wonder the bolt was jamming.[/QUOTE]

Jack i know you struggle with single pellet loading,but is the standard pellet tray not an option?
It seem's that the single pellet loader is more trouble than it's worth,maybe take a good look at the loader and check it's alinement,don't forget to be gentle when loading,you don't want dammaged pellet's.
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.
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