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Cool Progress

I went to Sywell theis morning, expecting to possibly be able to shoot the Summer League comp with Phil again.
But he wasn't there. It may be that he's worried that I'm going to beat him one of these days soon.
Maybe not ......

Anyway, everyone else paired off and I was left on my own.
I'd had a shower and cleaned my teeth before I'd left, so I persuaded myself that it was purely a numerical thing, though I did notice that I received one or two weird looks when I started on the first lane on my own.

On lane number 5 I had a repeat of the bolt jamming, which I'd experienced at Redfearns. And rather than force things and maybe do terminal damage I decided to call it a day.
But out of 20 targets, over 5 lanes I'd scored 16. I thought it was 15, but when I checked my card .........

80% kills
Admittedly, there was very little wind. and many of the targets were considerably closer than GP targets, but there was a rat up a pole with a 15mm KZ ~ though that was one of the ones I missed.
And there was one 55yd target which required knocking down twice in succession. I hit the first and missed the second. But the first definitely wasn't a fluke

I'm making no predictions for Iceni. But once more, a learning day.

This afternoon, after watching Chris Frome win the TdF Mount Ventoux stage, I stripped the Mk3 and found the remains of 5 damaged pellets in the action. No wonder the bolt was jamming.
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