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Default Duchy

Very hot today, car showed 28 by the time i arrived at Duchy at 10.30.

Partnered up with Len + Frank and very enjoyable it was too.

Nice course, Compact with 4 targets per lane which is not uncommon in swefta. Have to say i like the format as it means only up and down 10 times. Sadly, with dwindling regional comp numbers it works too with not to many deleys between lanes.

My back was bad again after laying flat, so filled up with ibrupufen and off to go fpor the 3+ half hour drive.
Sitting on the Zero range Back felt ok, windage seemed out so i adjusted 4 clicks!! Not sure why but have a funny feeling at tondu Tuesday i will be putting windage back to "0"
It seemed to work though.

Having not spent too much time on the zero, i dont think my eye was in with the scope as I mis ranged T1
Made it 40m, cross hair inside 3 to see pellet drop and hit 4 edge? Turnes out it was 42/43 m.

Missed t10, 50m. Cross hair inside 3, did not see the miss but presume it hit the other misses just off 9, Local say there is a wind channel at that point!

Miussed t36, downhill stander. Truth is the three stander I hit today were a mix of luck and determination and little in the way of shooting skill, as my back was in pain on the standers.

Still, REV, die 36/12 + no 27 scope in no 2 stock worked well.

Definatley got to look at the scope position though as i had to drop the cheekpiece today as I could not see out of the scope at times!
Then the system Gemini worked loose!

Joint top with Tony Fouracres and steve franklin was good enough though, be interesting to see the points with nigel dropping a few marks today, he ust have shot very early and gone as I did not see him there?

Had a chuckle as the texts and calls from wafta came in on the way home.
Over range targets again, grass in front of kills, again

Long trip (round 445 miles) but a well thaught out cousre and worth it.

The apprentices had a poor day, again. Think i will sack them all and hire some Poles!
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