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Default Worlds 2009

Well it has to be said Rob, you have put it all into words of what we went through over the 3 days of shooting. It was most probably the hardest Worlds comp that I have shot due to conditions targets and how they were set. The courses were not for the faint hearted. Im sure all that went will agree.

But still I thoroughly enjoyed it, I have never consumed so much water during the time we were all shooting. The 2nd day I had drunk over 2 litres of water and the 3rd day nearly 3 litres. I have to say a thanks to Sue and Mel, the WAGS for supplying water to us lads during the shoot and another special thanks to John Costello's uncle Peter, who in my eyes was priceless, he even named himself Bryn so he could hand me water during the 3 days as a (welshman). He kept me going with laughter over the whole weekend. Hopefully John will bring him to another few shoots.

To the lads who pulled out, on a serious note you missed a crakcer. There were quite a few wild target placements dont get me wrong bu the whole experience was brilliant. Also I got my highest placing in a World Champs so as you caan imagine I was quite pleased haahaa, who am I kidding I nearly run around the shoot off area in my sports briefs haahaa. I am glad to say though to James and John, at least I got that 13mm kill at let me get this corrected 28 yards not 21 as Rob explained STANDING. But I was nervous I could not imagine how nervous you lads were. Ive had my little say about my experience and agree with Rob that is was superb. Looking forward to next year, it has been said that it is in Hungary? Who knows and who cares, wherever it is, Im sure we will have good attendance there from the British contingent.

Hopefully will see some of you lads over the various winter leaguesand catch up....

Mark "Berty" Bassett
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