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Thanks all for your answers
Brian, i have tried AA 4,52, JSB Exact 4,52, JSB Express and H&N target field

all in 4,52 direct from Tin, then the same resized to 4,49 then with skirt resized only to 4,59.

Yes I have clean the barrels vith VFG system of course, i have tried to clean with lead remover etc.

the group diameter is pretty good under 40 m but at 50m (55yrds) we have sometimes 3/4 inches group with 5/6 pellets and just after 2/3 pellets 2 inches away some on the rigth some on the left. (3 différent shooters with the same rifle in Sitting possition or bench, no wind at all)

we have no explaination for that

if I shoot directly after or in the same time (in parallel with a friend) with my EV2, with the same climatics conditions no problem it's perfect

BSA Barrel ( old model from leupy's) offer the best group then the HW no far away behind and le last the Steyr barrel which cant group better than 2 inches at 55 yrds range.

We must not be alone in this case because if i take a look on some photo on the web, I can see a lot of customs with différent Barrels and air stripper.

Any way it's not the question , I've passed to other solution: Buy an anschutz or any other rifle but another Steyr no way for me

What do you thinh about anschutz 8002 or other model.
The fein P70 is very accurate but to heavy (barrel to long Ithink) In france we say ""heavy as a dead donkey"

Conor, yes i have tried to swap the scope with EV2 scope
Miguel, Thank's for your offer but i stop my investigations (2 years to drag the burden is too much for me)

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