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Originally Posted by flyfisher View Post

About Me: I am the webmaster of the first French speaking forum FT and HFT.
I am also the oldest French shooter in these disciplines and I'm getting a bit of experience in terms of air rifle. I have two EV2 and one Steyr LG 110 old version.

The Steyr is quite disappointing. after 40 m, accuracy is more like a 12 gauge as a precision air rifle.

I have tried all that is possible to try in terms of tuning:
Floating barrel
HW 100 Barrel 60 cm long
55 cm BSA barrel
Air stripper Steyr, rowan, and custom (I will not give you the nameof the manufacturer, but it is well known).
Sanding the ends of the hammer spring
Adjusting the air regulator
Attaching a barrel weight at its end
Setting all the mechanics in compliance with instructions given by steyr

Looking for the perfect pellet, resizing the pellets
Etc etc..

In France i'm not alone in this case since the 6 steyr we bought (group of friends) no one shoot straight compared to my 2 EV2 much less compared to the P70 a friend.

I'll have a depression and i'm not alone.

Today, I wish to buy an Anschutz and tune it for FT.

What do you advise me? 8002, 2002 or other model ? ( 9003 is to expensive for me)
what about the minimum cost of a good tuning for these rifles. ( 12 ftlb + custom weaver bridge+ ...??)

Thanks for your answers

Robert if you can wait for September and send me the rifle and barrels I can try to sort it out, I'm no tuner but have the basic tools and know how. If you prefer you can send me only the barrels.

I also will go for the pellets at Millau I gave some batches to Christophe but I don't know if he found a good for his barrel.
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