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Default My backs gone

Very warn day at Tondu which combined with me putting my back out and having some grief froma nerve meant not much shooting was done until later in the evening.

Berty popped down to pick up my spare action, which had made a miricaulas recovery and was superb over the chrono, Bargain for Berty

As for the Apprentices:

Shunter called in sick, always happens when the sun comes out. Thing ios he called in saying he was not so much sick, but in Work!
So he missed out on pellet testing.

Zak came up with a cunning plan to make sure his course avergae did not dip below the usuall 10 / 11. He forgot hios Ev2
Now even I had not thaught of that as a an excuse!
So he spent three hours wrappng his xmas presents!

I picked Gadgets gun up for him, he having Van stuck in work issues. Tested witht he 2013 Die 8 & 40 .
50m test showed slight preference for die 40, the shorter pellet!

Then Mr.Sheen turned up.
Have to say he is making good progress as apprentice, today new Shooting boots (Bargains too) helps out and so i tested the Ev2 formally known a sGarth.
Very good with both die 8 and 40. Infact id was one hole with die 40
I knew I should have had that barrel off Garth two years ago!
Gadget know knows he should have kept that one and sold the Blue one!

REV was dropped into no 2 stock and no 27 luep mounted on top, the Norways compination with added stripper!
Stripper made little difference with new 2013 pellet test, hit the target but nothing that represented a group!
Tried my "new" 2012 die 36 and much better, 5 out of 10 in one hole and it may have been better if my back was not causing me some discomfort!

Once it went cool we decided, with Mr.Sheens suer new record sheets to have a go at the course.
Wind had dropped down by now as well as the temp.
I missed two Ex 20, poor shot on the 31m uphill kneeler, bit of a back twinge and pulled shot low onto 7 edge.
Missed final 35m stander, back just to weak to hold on target and hit 6 edge.
2012 Die 36 worked well though so will use sunday.

Gadget hit 12 and seemed to be under ranging.

Mr.Sheen hit 8 which was 2 up on last week so going right direction. Gimp coat next

Post shoot i decided i had not put the scope in quiet the right pace, this was causing me to mis range by 2.5 m. So faffed about and moved wheel till happy.
Least settings on the card seem to work.

Mr.Sheen we concluded, as the wind had gone from the zero range was shooting right. so we adjusted that and he put down the long targets on the Easy ft course and the 15m l first shot! Result.

Might switch to Tuesday next week and go for some steep practise in the bowl?????
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