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Originally Posted by Kingplinker View Post
............ without placing neck breaking targets ?

It seems that more and more comps / course setters are using lofted targets to catch us out but do they catch us out or is it merely the fact that they are awkward to shoot ?

Frikken 'el my neck 'erts . lol
My personal thoughts are that its nice to have the occasional high target and it does not have to be a long'un.

As someone who is currently laying out a FT Winter League course I tend to do a lot of thinkng and walking around the area we shoot to decide where the firing points are going to be and then the possible locations of targets. For me a short high target that may look easy but with the firing point that is uncomfortable but safe makes the shooter think a little bit, the tpe that whist can be shot prone in HFT but is easier shot kneeling but its not a defined positional lane.

For example we have had a standing lane with a 20yd and 25yd 40mm KZ to see more miss the shorter one than the longer because the feet were slightly different in hieght. Or a high kneeler where you feel you are wanting to fall down the slope.

Visual trickery is the best such as placing a target behind a 'hole' in the bushes makes the eye think its further than it is, placing it in a location that funnels the wind but can not be seen or felt at the firing point or placing two targets behind each other at slightly different hieghts that are the same shape and KZ size which can cause those lapses and the wrong target is shot.
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