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Default stolen register

Firstly sorry to hear about the theft, fortunately the owner has recorded the serial numbers, this will not only prove ownership (financial interest) in the eyes of the insurance company but gives a chance of recovery.

As an example, Rolex maintain a stolen database, any watch that can be verified as stolen (identification of the individual serial number and a crime reference number are requirements) are logged onto the database. Every time someone tries to sell/service a Rolex watch with a "reputable" jeweller the serial number is checked against this database, any watch that is flagged is retained and the police and Rolex are notified.

It may be 2 weeks or 6 years but they do resurface, as part of my job i discuss returning these watches to their owner, although the insurance company may have replaced the watch there is always sentimental value attached, we will often swap the replacement for the original. The flip side is that what ever the owner wants the watch is removed from someone that is not entitled to it.

I suppose i am mentioning this because its do-able with air rifles, Walther, Steyr and Air Arms have individual serial numbers printed on the actions. Rolex run the recovery as part of their customer service. It would take a bit of man power but if the companies were interested in customer service a database could easily be constructed. Any second hand gun produced to a dealer for sale or a service could quickly be checked against the register. No doubt they already have a record of serviced rifles against the owners, so ammending it to a stolen register wouldn,t be hard.

Does anyone know if they opperate such a thing at the moment ?
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