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Originally Posted by SDplinker View Post
Is the camera on a timer of some sort or does something trip it? What setup do you use? I'd like to do something like this at our shoots over here in the U.S. - most of our photos end up being of the camera phone variety but people love seeing good pictures from the competitions.


My camera has a built-in interval timer.
Simply set the interval (one minute for example)
and how many images you want to take (180 for example) (3 hours of shooting)
and off it goes.
Hard to set the exposures correctly, hense the few white-outs, but it's fairly simple.
that way, i get to take photos and shoot the comp at the same time

My camera's quite expensive though, and im not sure what other cameras have this function.
i think there are a few cheaper cameras, designed specifically for this.
* its called time-lapse

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