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Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
or non existent wind moving my shot a kill and a half found it a bit boring to be honest.gps don't interest me in the slightest....roll on the euros and winter league I prefer -1 temp the wind and the rain to 28 c....just to hot for shooting....oh yeah and may the "farce" be with you....or is it force cant remember...its to
Now see, if you had an Oslter air stripper you, like me would not have come out of kill and seen no more than about half - 3/4 kill of wind even at 55 y!

Got to admit i dont like shooting in these pot luck wind conditions, the heat was not too bad for Am session though.
That poxy wind is a pain though, i would rather be going straight down the middle or 3 inch off kill!
Still, i guess its what makes a series?
Redferns and Bisley were simular in long course and little wind, Redferns the betewr layout for me by far and more enjoyable. I just coc ked up the positionals.
I am actually thinking I woud shoot bettewr pm session ? I just dont seem to be with it in the Am lol Plus I was starving sunday with no breky in me. I have to eat 3 hours plus to shooting and i felt crap on the standers, very weak in the three trunks.
Have to do E.D. Am as looks like i may have to head off home asap Am finishes, and had intended to do Anston Am as was more interested in watching the Championship unfold pm ?

Be a pity if you do stop Gp
Not sure about Mfta winter league now? One of the reasons i liked it was 30 shot. Now its 40 shot its those final 10 targets where the winter cold bites through and I dont enjoy shooting when frozen
May do a few of the warm day shoots, but wont be travelling to freeze myself over 40 shots. Castle last year was bad enough and that were only 30.

But before that:

Priest is with Mr.O being serviced for Germany, beter safe than sorrry i thaught?

So Rev is being dropped back into no 2 stock for a month, though in reality thats only 2 comps due to summer Hols

Swefta on Sunday at Duchy, apparently Price Chrles does the teas lol
Gp 8 then will be Revs last "big" shoot with the REV barrel?.

Mega barrel is at Mr.O being fitted with Stripper no 3. Plan is to have it back around late September early October when Stock no 3, Black & Green is expected from Warren Edwards.
Will have to come up with a new name then lol

For me a "gun" is really the barrel, Mega barrel has had a hard life, in the past been tinkered with by a G T T as Sportmatch so aptly named, lol he hates that title!
However, its a better barrel and groups very well.
Whats next step up from Reverend? Must be Religious tined, but perhaps as its coming from the dark side?

Plan A Wednesday is to drop REV into no 2 stock but swithch scopes so no 27 is on top.

Then check the below and once again try die 36/12 in REv, though first time they were all over shop!

April 2013 REV fitted with Ostler Air Stripper

Pellet tests with Ostler Air Stripper show

Straight form tin

D36 - Mega
D5 - Mega
D8 - Mega
BFTA Grading Q's to;
sorry wont answer Bfta q's on forums, Cant keep track of replies etc!
BFTA updates on

REV26 Ostler Ev2 & x45 comp awaiting a Gary Cane Stock!
Beast Priest Ostler Ev2 & x45 prem ret comp in Warren Edwards stock
If you want the best, Ostler is the man
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