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Originally Posted by Strokebloke View Post
Ahhh. Yes. I hadn't considered humidity and ambient temperatures. Silly of me
So the shooters who look like pregnant mums are really just adequately proportioned and relaxed males, who are wearing gimps that have shrunk due to use, and are well past their sell-by-date ?
(the gimp, not the wearer)
I might have known that there would be a plausible explanation I stand corrected.

PS: thanks for the suggestion that I'll still be around in a couple of seasons time. That's encouraging
Jack, you're hooked and you know it.

What you should be picking up on is in the world of shooting, (but it applies to most amateur sports), is that despite what appears blindingly obvious to the 'uninformed' casual observer, there's a much more highly improbable but interesting theory that can be floated which almost entirely absolves the person concerned from any blame whatsoever.

Which is why i started a forum, because there didn't seem to be enough time to discuss these matters at FT shoots. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

While we're on the subject of food... does anyone know if the growth on a sweaty 4 year old shooting jacket should be fried or boiled after harvesting? If anyone wants any tips i've found leaving it in the back of an estate car during a heat wave yields a far better crop than any green house. It's almost as good as the cradle of life that a 2 month old bottle of Yop generated after it exploded in a heat soaked rucksack 2 summers ago at Tawd. I put that down to just being near Liverpool though.
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