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Originally Posted by Strokebloke View Post
I'm beginning to realize that your Gimp Suits have nothing to do with gun support.
I thought that only the top shooters wore them - but, once more, I've been misled.
They're really obesity containers, aren't they?
And some people who wear them, can't even fasten them up, at the front. These are obviously those who are champions; and who feed accordingly

As I couldn't eat a whole badger: and can't hit a kill zone to save my life, I'll stick to conventional food
Jack, once you've done a few seasons you'll soon discover that the higher humidity and colder temperatures seems to make shooting jackets shrink. Not only that but the manufacturers know this and keep changing the sizes so you can't just buy a new one of supposedly the same size and expect it to fit either. It's just a trick to get you back in the shops I say...
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