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Default Food of Champions

Evening Pilchards,

Food for thought , what is your favourite pre shoot meal ?

My new pre shoot meal is retro food heaven,d.d2k

The heavy saturated fat and carb heavy crum slow my heart rate down enough to land three pellets on top of each other , one hole stylee , I'm soooooooo glad otherwise I'd have to shift the old Haggis Cannon on , and we wouldn't want that!
The ability to hold that steady that you could thread a c0ck ring on a lady bird is incredible and it must be down to this super food !

Findus Crispy Pancakes are endorsed by Conor McList , Gilly , Mark Stenton , Carbine Calpin, Bill ' Kes ' Peat , Steven Seagal , Barry Manilow & Norris Cole .

Please note no ferrets were abused or fiddled with during the writing of this utter rubbish.


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