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I have the 4-12x40AO 1/2 Mildot.

Its nice, not amazing but certainly not rubbish for the money. It fits fine on a S400 with low Sportsmatch mounts.

The ret is lovely and crisp, I've not used it for bracketing, the mildots seem to be true @ 9.5 mag ish. It does have a very wide field of view, a bit blurry at the edges, nice in the ret area.

If you get the sunshade, prepare for a battle to get the dress ring off the scope, it was uber tight on mine and took a lot of persuading to remove to allow the sunshade to go on.

Can't see any reason to get the 3-9x40 over the 4-12x40.

The flip ups aren't the best, but they were free! The front one is too big if you put the sunshade on though.
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