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Originally Posted by Jon View Post
Shot round with a chap Saturday he was ranging up to 6 yards over.
I am that chap...strange thing was that I was hitting them when dialled in 60yds for a so called 55yd target. OK they were striking high.

At Redferns, no problem the scope was fine with the morning temperature and range-finding was as other people. Agree with Rob only found 2 to be 55yds.

Looking back, I think the problem on Saturday was that I left the scope in the car to cook for 4 hours before using it.
Still learning the Sightron so expect that somewhere between 20-25 deg C and 30+, the ranging changes. In fact JJ1 on here confirmed this to me at Redferns as he also has a Sightron.

My Leup comp did that, but the temperature shift point was lower i.e. Winter/Summer
So far, prefer the Sightron for range finding.

Sue seems to be saying that she was range finding OK, but the strikes were high. Seems more likely that the gun power has gone up with the heat or the scope has moved. Was the chrono reading at Redferns as expected Sue?
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