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Originally Posted by swiftysue View Post
Had a great GP to day at Redferns , thanks to all envolved and little Jack and the other great guy I shot round with (sorry but me and names are rubbish) . For the first timei had trouble with my scope ever my scope was reading 55 if the target was 55 yards but I was going way way too high. On a sightron i had to come down 8 clicks to the 50 mark and this , and even 5 clicks at the 45 yards, and they are 1/4 clicks. It was fine on the plinking range but i have to admit as just settiling , it was about 28 deg and i do feel sick so perhaps the gun had sun stoke with me. I kind member of my club is getting a temp gauze for me but is it normal for the focusing ring not to be out????? any advise would be a great help please

I cannot help but think this is a gun or reg issue,and I would be checking that first to be honest.

Just a thought!
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