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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
chap i shot with had a sightron, think his eyes were out with it early on but as he and the scope clicked he range found everything spot on with no pellet hight issues
Hi Sue,
As Simons says, my Sightron didn't move at all yesterday. But in practice it has done exactly what you have experienced. So a few weeks ago I did what Rob recommended, I set it out into the sun, let it get good and hot for 20 mins and then sat on the range to created another set of scope markings and clicks for when the rig goes above 27C.
However, as I know the Sightron has the potential to do this I made sure yesterday that I always set it down in the shade and covered it white a small white towel to help reflect heat and this kept the whole rig at the ambient temp of 24C.

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