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Shaun, I have the BFTA Book of Legit Personal Reasons here, and in the 136 pages duly recorded, SSSSS* isn't listed as being actually eligible.

Quite slack really. Not only did we not get a cancellation for GP that you never booked into, you haven't even had the decency to peel yourself away from the bar and get yesterday's scores up. They're gathering dust on Redfearn's desk as we speak.

At least this time I didn't have the ignominy of a phone call at 11 pm to check my 37 shouldn't have been put in Piston and not the AA grade I actually shot it in... this time I did actually use a springer. I even crossed out AA on the card for you as I knew your vision might be a little blurry when you eventually got around to sorting the scores.

I bet you haven't even once thought about your responsibilities all weekend have you? Bet you have your feet up on a stool, sitting in the sun, planning the afternoon's siesta, drifting off listening to Conor and Cozzy choosing this season's fabric patterns for the liners of their gun bags, while Murph and Val are out in the countryside tracking down a lead on a vat of rare Rioja. Mark is probably floating in those barrels at the pub still...

I think there needs to be a good long meeting about 'things' on your return. A good 8-10 hour discussion about chronoing kneeling shots in a darkened room with nothing but flat coke and floppy fishfingers n soggy chips to sustain you. That will have you back in shape in no time, mark my words, which will no doubt need an additional meeting just to clarify and change a few of them.

Having a holiday? Having a laugh more like...

*Shooting in Spain with Sun, Sangria, and Seņoritas
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