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Always worth checking it on the zero range afterwards to see if you're ranging that known 55yd target as 55, and not just convincing yourself it is. Try and read what the scope tells you rather than nudging it into 55, because the eye can accommodate a different focus after a few seconds of staring at an image and make it in focus even if it's out, and there's a tendency to feel where 55 is on the wheel and turn it to that once that distance is found.

The problem is that after getting it home in the cool that problem that may or may not have existed could be gone.

Difficult light conditions for ranging yesterday, it was hard work with my Deben, I need to fit a scope enhancer to kill the back reflection I kept seeing, and also I need to move my cheekpiece so my eye is more inline with the scope because i was struggling to pick up a sight picture.

It could be temp, it could be something else. But if you see an issue, try and grab the bull by the horns and deal with it as the opportunity is there. Hard to do after a tough shoot, but can pay dividends.

Fwiw I didn't have many at 55, 2 perhaps, a couple at 53-54, and a few at 52.5 and a few 50-51. There were a lot of high strikes on the 50-1's and a few on the 52-3's and not near as many on the full chat 55's, suggesting some were just opting for the easy dial into 55 and then going high. But as many were in the dark and the day hot, it could just have been the rangefinding rather than shift.

Try baking it in the sun on a known 55 yd plate and see what happens. This week should be a good opportunity for that. If you can get some strips on, bake it for 20 mins, get it hot, see how it rangefinds on a known target, then let it cool, then repeat. Even a common garden thermometer from a med kit will give you a guide. If you've got a car with air con you can keep it cool on the way to the range then bake it after. If you park the car in the sun you can get the gun really hot after. I find a bit of muddy earth on the ground in the sun gets a gun up hot as well. Takes a good long time to get a gun cool, 20 mins or more, but it will only come down to the ambient which I think yesterday at redfearns was around 24-25?

Could be either, but learning what it is will pay dividends later. When rangefinding the plate is my last port of call for getting a focus on... the string frays at the end of the knot, if you can see single fibres, they're pretty good to get down to the yard on at 55... if they arent present then picking up the weave of the string or the threads on a bolt, or the detail on the swivel, or even on the mount on the tree (if you're 100% certain it's level with the target), but plate will throw up variations due to colour, haze, light or shade.
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