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Originally Posted by Strokebloke View Post
Ahhhh. The folly of the elderly.
Having put in a lot of work and preparation during the fortnight since Bisley, I fully expected to do better today at Redfearns. I arrived early, in a positive frame of mind. I took spme photos of the morning shooters, taking care not to wear myself out doing so. I drank tea and water to combat the temperatures expected during the course of the afternoon. I didn't eat so that I would be able to sit more comfortably.

And so to battle.
To say that it was all downhill from there would be an exaggeration, because in honesty, once you had descended to the bottom of the course it was all very much uphill all the way to the finish.
But on the 3rd lane my gun jammed and I lost a lane.
On the 5th lane the end fell off my scope.
And by the bottom of the course and the turn for home i had scored one kill.
unlike Bisley, I could see where I was missing them. But they still stay missed, no matter how close you are.
At the turn I was dis-spirited. Disappointed that all my expectations had come to nothing.
But you're not getting rid of me that easily.
I determined not to lose heart, and started the climb back to the finish. And I hit some more targets on the way.
I finished with 5. Marginally less well than Bisley. But better than One.

I spoke to two world champions.
I spoke to our own Rob; having seen him at Bisley but not knowing who he was.
I met Chloe and her father. Missed holly. And was, once more charmed by Neil Daniels.
Numerous people asked if I had reached my double figures : and commiserated generously with me when I admitted that I hadn't.
So many people accepted me with alacrity and spoke to me as if they had known me for ages.

It was all very humbling.
But once again, I learned a lot. I believe I have improved significantly since Bisley and that the last fortnight has not been wasted. And despite the disappointment, I enjoyed myself enormously again.

Finally, a very heartfelt thanks to Damien, for bringing his scopes and spending time discussing them with me. And to Redfearns, for a great day.

You're an all round bunch of good guys (of both gender)
What a great spirited meaningfull thread !!!Glad you enjoyed your day!!!
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