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Default Black and Green

Top weekend away in te Nefta regions

Sat morning and a 10.50 arrival at Warren Edwards for whta should have been a simple pick a blank stock instantly became a touch ish choice.

Top man Warren, nice guy to deal with and straight. Gave you the feeling you knew what he said would be.

Only problem was when i spotted the Black and Green Blank. Now i had intended to go Black and grey which is what no 2 stock from Gc should have been, but the idea of a something different always appeals so i opted for the black and green.
Fitting in sept, stock October?
Should pan out well as stock no 3 will then be ready for winter use with Ostler stripper barrel no 3.

Thanks to emely more for the practise round saturday. It was really hot but that seemed least of my troubles?
new die 36/12 in Priest lost me 7 shots (ex30) on lap one.
Strikes were far to far out of kill, high left, right anywhere so id decided to swap back to die 50 and shot the course again.
27 ex 30 was better so they were selected for Sunday gp.

Redferns Gp6.

Very pleased to shoot with new folks, getting to know people is a big part of FT for me. Today's infortunates were Dave Pick from Nefta and John Collins (i think) from Mfta. Both C grade.
Dave started ok but went at least a turn or two out after t10. He then missed something like 25 targets before i told him to waist his standing shots to find out problem, it worked and he recovered to hit, in his first gp 13. Much respect for keeping going.
John turns out to be a fellow photographer and another nice chap. Put in a good 35 and I am sure with some more tips will soon be in the 40+ ?

Priest, Die 50, No 2 stock + no 27 Leup

We started on lane 25.
42 + 47m. Iside edge.

Missed T3, 30 m kneeler, fairll steep downward shot. Missed it as brain was not in gear and had hand upright which forced front of gun up to much. split 10 edge. Bad shot

Missed T27

stander, 32m. Steady on 12 top, told myself to drop the ret and fire, but fired and forgot to drop, hit 12! - Bad shot

Misses t30. 47m. Wind at the time, what there was, mainly seemed l - R. Gave inside 3 and pellet hit 3 edge. Must have switched briefly and moved pellet half inch., Bugger!

missed T35.
Stander up tree, 32. Failry steady but pulled shot on release, sloping ground unbalanced me a bit and of course El capitano was on me with the camera!

Missed T45. Range found it 52m! Can only put that down to tired eyes. Range found off number, plate and tree with same result. Dialed 50m and went down middle not sure what to do. Hit 3 edge. Only two shots i saw go that way i think!

Did not come out of Kill again today, most i saw was 3/4 drift on 50m.

Gadget was put on suicide watch as he fell apart and hit 33! His own fault for not setting up correctly.

Still, it were more than some, 25, 47, sound the same lol!!

BFTA Grading Q's to;
sorry wont answer Bfta q's on forums, Cant keep track of replies etc!
BFTA updates on

REV26 Ostler Ev2 & x45 comp awaiting a Gary Cane Stock!
Beast Priest Ostler Ev2 & x45 prem ret comp in Warren Edwards stock
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