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Originally Posted by clubshot View Post
Pax - makes over 50 Different Pellets

The majority are made from Quality Lead Wire

Stamped out on Single Die machines -

The majority are Exported - to overseas Shooters who seem to find they work well for them

Reason there are No adverts in UK Publications

But there are write ups in Air Gunshooter - who do not require advert's to run write Up's

The FX smoth Bore Rounds - are Defiant 15's & 18's and 16's Exterminators

Also make Daystate Heavyweights in .177 & .22 & .25 For their Export Market

Piledriver Video now comes up on Google Search


None of the above makes any difference Bob if they don't group, I'll stick to the waisted pellets that group well which just happen to be foreign & cheaper....
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