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Here in the south west we have a somewhat higher proportion of retired persons in the general population and that is reflected in the attendances at shoots. This is one reason why SWEFTA has created its own rule set for Hunter shoots, allowing the seated position - shock horror - as an acknowledgment of the fact that not all over 60s are as lithe and athletic as they used to be. Ideally no-one should be placed at a disadvantage due to their age.

This doesn't mean we expect any concessions or favours when shooting to other sets of rules nor should it imply that we think our rules should be accepted anywhere else. They are what the membership vote for at the AGM. So long as everyone shoots to the same rules no-one should have an advantage.

I'm 64, I've managed thus far without a colostomy bag, but the bigger print would be appreciated.

And bring on that nurse too.
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