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Default Welcome Little Lez

Good day at tondu, well as long as I dont inclue the REV!

Week started not so well with me putting nail through my Left hand, I`m not the messiah I`m a very naughty Boy!
Thankfully by yesterday although still a hinderance, it was not not stopping me shooting.

We changed the Practise course around to make it a bit harder and it seems to have worked well.

Rd 1 saw Myself with Priest, no 2 stock , die 50 + no27 lupe take Gadget and Derk (Day off) around.

Think Gadget hit 10 ish (ex 20), Derk 10 and me 17.
Targets up over the ponds and banks were today very windy, 3 - 4 inches out of kill and varying but good practise?

Rd 2 Saw Little Lezt (ZAKft) myself and Shunter. This time I used REV, no 26 (2011) no 1 stock and no 1 luep.
I just could not get REV to do anything right. Hit 10 ! Turns out barrel was stinking and then i decided i needed to move windage!
Little Lez hit 11 i think and Shunter , usuing for reasons best know to himslef Jsb Express, 10.

Rd 3 saw me back on Priest and far more comfy it felt! Little Lez was up for anoyther round and this time we had Mr,Sheen.
Mr.Sheen stormed into the lead hitting all 4 over the ponds, no mean feat. It went down hill from there though and he finished on 7. Litl L slipped to 10 and seems to have a under ranging problem with the Burris?
Told him to keep track of what he makes the ranges of various targets as well as hits.
I hit 15.

Priest was tested with the die 36 again on the zero range and very impressive they were too.

Rev on the other hand was all over the place? Cleaned barrel, seemed to matter not? Could not get it to group with either die 36!
Good job the spare barrel is at Mr.O's house being stripp fitted! Ialways said Rev's barrel was apoor one for grouping but today was so bad it leads me to think some sort of further testing and set up check is needed!

On the easy ft course, think we shot Ex 18 as two strings are broke, Mr.Sheen ht 16 and Little Lez 17, missing the final "easy" 20 yard 30 ml kill target, sitting!

I cleared it kneeleing
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