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Do you have 15mm standers?

Back to the issue of standers and magnification, I do a lot of indoor paper punching nowadays at 20 yards and normally shoot on 10x mag. I've tried dropping the mag to 7x as some club members are finding they get better results on lower mag, but it hasn't helped me. A week or two ago just for fun I shot a card with the Airwolf with the T35 fixed mag on top, and the group size was not really any different from usual. So I feel that choice of mag for standers is a personal thing, and what suits one person doesn't suit another. When I had the Big Nikko on the EV2 I took all the shots including positionals at 45x mag, as the scope was a bit clearer backed off from 50x mag and I couldn't be bothered to keep moving the mag ring.
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