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Default rocket science?

Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Normal conversation for the comps...

35 gives you wider field of view, and lower mag for positionals... and it's the brightest with the largest exit pupil
40 gives you less but range finds a little better, and is darker
45 gives you even less but range finds a little more betterer, and is more darkerer and has the smallest exit pupil

Target dot is considered by many to be to fine in dark situations. But there's some it doesn't seem to bother.

Many given the choice jump down the middle and go for 40x with a mildot ret change...

I'm not sure there's much actual difference between 35-45 actually on hold... in actual fact the X magnification factor isn't so much about making the target X times larger, it's a number derived from the focal length of the objective lens cluster divided by the focal length of the ocular lens cluster which arrives at that figure. Which could be why you get scopes that say they are the same X mag and have the same objective as another scope, yet when you look through them one looks wider field of view with a smaller zoom than the other... I've got 2 Walther Custom Shop scopes which show this. And things like the S&B 50x are wider than say setting my March on 50x. Thats probably because the S&B may very well have a lower focal length objective which gives a wider field of view, the trade off being a deeper depth of field, with less snap (or less visual demarkation between ranges in and out of focus)

Having a fixed mag narrow field of view is going to force you to adopt a better Natural Point of Aim to start with, and as much comfort as being able to drop from 45x-35x at will can give you if you're wobbly, it's probably more like you'd wish to drop to 20x or even 10x... so perhaps 5x might be too much, but it very well might not.
Wow Boss that`s a damn site better explanation than NJR100 drivel.

My own thoughts on using a 45 mag comp are this.................

I`d rather wobble trying to hit a dustbin lid than wobble trying to hit a tea cup. If you get my meaning
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