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Originally Posted by ratcatcher View Post
Hi can any one advise me on a 40x45 leupold competition scope i know many people use them for ft
I recommended one to a friend as I have tried a 35x45.His gun shop has advised him that these
scopes are not suitable for air gun shooting as they dont focus down bellow 100yards.We all know leupolds generally need to have the front lens wound out to bring them down to air gun ranges .Most of the leupolds I have owned are pre set to 50 yards min focus, save for the EFR range.
I understand any of the competition series can be adjusted down to 10 yards or so.
Is there anything to look our for a particular model ?.
I've used a Leupold Competition 35's for about 5 years. I now have three of them on various rifles. They are excellent scopes. I did have the reticle changed out to mildots in two on mine. The third has a heavy duplex. Thats the only change I recommend as the target dot isn't sufficient for FT.

Most come parallaxed down to about 11 yards. Just get a Leupold 50' adaptor and glue it into a butler creek flip up. Then you'll be able to focus down to about 8 yards. Works great!


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