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Default Wozel Gummage

Dont know why but my head was just not at Oaktree sunday.

Been some "confusion" over new Stocks with Arms Dealer. I was expecting to put no 1 stock in is gun to try, but never got round to it.
Thus arrived at Oaktree with Priest, no 2 stock + no 27 scope and Dai 36/12 pellets, freshly aquired.
Having tried tese on saturday they grouped Mega, same as die 50 so after a malfunction with my new pellet tray they were pressed into action.

Satuturday had been a busy day at tondu with no 1 Son doing well on the practice range which was great to see
Aapprentice 3 had turned up late with apprentice 5 so having painted up the practise course we went round later in the afternoon.
Shunter (App 3) and Zak (app5) hit 11 ex 20 which given the windy conditions was not bad. I hit 17.)

Sunday at Oaktree started with a fog bound welsh Ft mating ritual commonly known as towing a tondu member out of Oaktree, this time tosh and his Van. Heavy Mist / Fog deleyed the start of the shoot. Arms dealer was first to come along so we shot together. Started well, 50, 45 m sitters followed by hitting the 37m stander.

T4, 12 m stander, missed it by miles off 5 edge. Suc a abad shot i should have been deducted a point lol

I knew at this point my mind / heart was not there.

Missed T16, 49m. Just read it wrong and went down the middle and hit 3 edge.

T17? 32m Reducer? Might have over ranged it but no matter. Rock stedy cross hair in middle, no wind, pellet clears 9 edge??? % shooting should have taken me inside 3 but I was well and trully switched off!

T 19, ranged as 47m but it was more like 42/45 m! After this i realised i was range finding High - Low instead of low to high! Totally not with it lol.
Pellet went just above 12, got wind perfect!

T 27. 49m. Gave 3 edge and hit 9 edge.

T32. Having just nailed the longer 30m stander, I then fluffed the short 20m stander, poor shoot again!

T33. 33m reducer. Needed half inch out of kill but i went edge3.

T34 - 50m. Gave it first dot, needed 2nd dot in strong wind.

T38, Kneeler 35m. Normally nail these easily enough but tried a moving shot.

All in all, 31 ex 40 was poor. Jack came in with 37 and thats really what i should have been around. The two long range ones in wind were good shots and the reducer was tricky.

Little things.

Think I should have taken REV Sunday, I enjoy the change of gun in regional shoots. Wafta shoots mean nothing as i am not doing enough rounds for championship and I think that was part of todays lack of focus.
As it was misty and cold early on, I left my hoodie on. Having put on weight again, but also having got used over the last few weeks to shooting with just long sleeved shirt and no hoody, it felt quite tight with it on again., Re-shot my 9 misses and hit all of them 3 in a row, but with no Hoody, just shirt and Gimp.

Good results from Shunter on 25 and Mr.Sheen on 22, well done. Next stage of training for those boys.
Door was well and truly open for no 2 apprentice Gadget today to claimn a local scalp but he only managed 29.

Pity we only had 25 entries, top course that one year will be the Wafta Gp and a very good one.
BFTA Grading Q's to;
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