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I'm not sure who you are asking the question to? SARC shooters or all shooters?

The webpage is a little confusing as it says " The shot may be taken standing, kneeling or prone from anywhere with in this area ". It later says that bean bags cannot be used for sitting.

The comments on this thread make it clear that one can sit.

I originally got the idea that SARC was basically HFT but with sporter stocks and no target guns, and targets had small kills with kills in the heads, giving a chance of a total miss. I now see that you don't touch a peg but can shoot within an area and can sit. So there's more of an FT element in it.

Prone in HFT isn't really a true prone as you can rest against a peg or have your fore arm/ hand on the floor with the gun rested on that and the butt on the floor. Add a deep fore end or hamster to the stock and that becomes a very stable stance. This stance is quite easy then for most people, especially youngsters and new shooters, to shoot accurately. This means that most then will get decent scores on a HFT course ( at least knock quite a few down with little practice ).

If you take out the deep fore end / hamster by using standard stocks ... and no pegs ... and with a bit of clever target placement you will have to shoot up on your elbows with no support. A much harder shot. Is this how a number of shots have to be taken in SARC?

To be honest I always thought that, to test shooters ability, on a 30 target course there should be 10 proper prone, 10 standing and 10 kneeling. Not sure how many would shoot it though as the scores would dive.

HFT has done very well with a set up that makes it reasonably easy for most to have a go and start getting decent scores in quite a short time ... but there's enough difficulty to make it very hard to get into the elite group of shooters.

What are your attendances like? If your attendances are high and increasing then stay as you are and those that want to shoot more prone will have to shoot more HFT. If attendances are poor then you have to decide if you have to start feeding the hippo and adjust your courses to attract more shooters.

What do the organisers/rule makers say? Are you one of those or just run Cosford?

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