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Here's my recent findings. V0 dropped a bit recently due to rising temperatures so I disassembled, cleaned, relubed and dropped in a washer and a new V-Mach piston seal. Steve send me one, it's got a new design compared to the one supplied last year.
I had just one training session before the German Championships this weekend. Rezeroed, V0 very constant, very accurate. Put about 150 pellets through it when the POI dropped the exact same amount as always.
I loosened the front bolts and it was back on target. I could just do a few shots because it was getting dark.
Like that my buddys and me went to the Germans. First day on the zero range with bolts loose it was still on zero and shooting fine. Just when i wanted to finish POI jumped, with loose bolts...
I tightened the bolts, did 20 clicks and went in the competition. It held POI throughout the comp and I finished 5th highest score with 3 shooters with 1 hit more than I ahead of me. A good result for me and a good basis for day 2. Day 2 on the zero range the POI had changed again, I adjusted and hoped it would hold for that day as well. It didn't, I was hesitating too long to sacrifice a shot to check my POI and messed it up. After I finally did my 20 clicks up, I immediately started to score again. I most probably lost my chance to compete in this years Worlds in my own country.
My Squad partner told my to throw that gun away...
He started with a 77 or 97 years ago and had the same problem then. It was the barrel fixture in the system.
He gave up on the HWs and is shooting a TX200SR now which has other problems...
I'm fed up with this rifle, I'll give Weihrauch a call and hear what they suggest.
I'm about to get me a TX200...

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