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A very good MK1 is the best of all the Nikkos! It has black turrets and black zoom ring.
The MK 2 has small green turrets and a green zoom ring.
The MK3 has tall green turrets, slightly lighter and shorter in length and in some but not all the optics are slightly better, parallax wheel is opposite to the other models.

A good Mk 3 is not as good as a good MK1, is shifts more readily in different temps and is not as snappy in/out if focus, it is also fooled more easily by different coloured targets at the same distance.

Some of the later MK3 models were stand clear awful, whilst the early ones very hit and miss with good ones being very good.

Point being here is try and compare side by side, there are slight variations and differences which can be the making OR breaking of it for you!

Still the Nikko is a very good FT scope and is user friendly, rangefinding is easy and reliably consistent.
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