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Default Hammerli AR20FT Your Help Please


Some help please. I have purchased a second hand AR20Ft and it is all over the place. Only had it 10 days an the power output is varying wildly. If you fill it to 200bar then shoot first shot is at roughly 11ft/lb. The next was 7Ft/lb then 8ft/lb then 9ft/lb then an 8 then a 7 then a 9 and so on. I am not talking 0.1 but whole ft/lb.

I took the cylinder off and dry fired to empty the reg. Then screwed the cylinder back on still with the 200bar and again first shot just under 11ft/lb then down to 8 then 7 up to 9 down to 8 and so on.

I am an engineering novice so i wont take it apart but what the hell is going on with it. What do i need to get fixed and more so who can i take it to. The only Hammerli auth dealer in the UK is Bisley and when i tried them on 2 successive days last week they just picked up the phone and put it straight back down again!

I am really at a loose end, don't know where to go or what to do.

Strangely I've only had it 10 day and despite this i do love the gun. What can i do?

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