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Originally Posted by Cosford View Post
no you can use any SAFE shooting position with any SAFE natural aids( trees ect) for your shot as long as the trigger is behind the firing line. but I am being asked to put in more prone shots as people are used to that from HFT BUT SARC is not HFT. you have to decide how to shoot the target allowing for any twigs ect. that are between you and it.there is no calling for things in the way to be removed ,
I think sensibility is called for here. In real life if you can't get a clear shot you don't take it. In SARC you are pretty much forced to do so. Foliage in the way doesn't always reflect real life situation, you have the ability to move around some. In SARC you have best part of a yard to adjust. If the majority of shots that would normally be taken prone is subject to two foot of bracken then the shooters will lose interest pretty fast.
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