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"When setting out courses you must place targets and pegs to allow for both right handed, left handed and Junior shooters taking part in the event" This line is taken from the current UKAHFT course format. In Scotland we use this course format also, as I believe do other countries. The format is very good, but perhaps it should include wheelchair users in the above quoted line. Being a course designer/builder I know the effect it will have on obscured/off the peg style shots, but we have no options in my mind as we must provide every shooter with the chance to take part. I would be interested to hear (read) what Scooby or Sparky think we could do to insure HFT is accessible to all, and yet not to easy for the top shots. By that last sentence I mean, if I put out a shot which is visible for both right handed, left handed, junior and wheelchair user, then I cannot disguise the range of the shot by making the shooter have to shoot through a tight hole in branches or other obstacles.
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