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Hi skires

I know you are not trying to discourage me, quite the opposite.

I see what you mean about shooting the course from the chair or from a predominantly prone position as many of the targets are set up this way.

You are absolutely correct about shooting against myself and trying to beat my personal best and also my son as we have a healthy competition between us for just about everything. Some of the courses I have shot including my own club I have had to take the shot from further back as it was just not safe for me to get closer to the peg without the risk of falling over. I do understand that this is not the same target but it is more difficult or it is easier?????? I totally get the fact that some targets are going to be more difficult from certain positions due to a downward slope or branches in the way but this could be exactly the same for me from the chair.
If the target is already on a downward slope, I too have to deal with that incline and this is likely to be more difficult for me as I don't have the abdominal support, therefore it is much more difficult. There have also been targets that have been visible from a prone position but from the chair there was a tree or another obstacle in the way, but I am happy to deal with that.

Some you shoot, some you don't.

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