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Many thanks for the interesting replies, it is good to see it from other peoples point of view.

With regards to what skires has said, I fully appreciate that course designers for HFT have to create a course suitable for a varied range of positions but I would like to to compete where I can and not just take part.

I know you do not mean this in a derogatory fashion but why should I not be allowed to compete when I can get round the course?

I totally get what you mean about the difference of a prone position and sitting as it may be deemed that I have an advantage being slightly higher up and therefore have a clearer view of the target but there are many other challenges, such as lack of abdominal support. Having a spinal injury at the ten thoracic vertebrae means I have limited trunk control and when going round a course I do try as much as possible to push myself. My son is an invaluable help to me and he shoots as well (16 years old) so when we both get to a peg it has an effect on both of us. My arms are often pumped with lactic acid and I therefore find it somewhat of a challenge getting settled and this is before I get my breathing regulated. I am not trying to use any excuses, this is my choice and I really love the sport. I also shoot vermin on a farm so shooting is something I love to do.

At the weekend as Steven has already said, Declan and I had the privilege of shooting with him and he helped a great deal getting me round the course. He was a fantastic help, not only with getting around but with encouragement too which is a real bonus. The club we shot at, Cloybank did EVERYTHING possible to make me feel welcome and they even got Andy who was not shooting to accompany me around the course to help if required. He was exceptional and it was brilliant to have him also helping physically and also with encouragement. Cloybank were so welcoming and I couldn't have asked for more.

I do not expect the world to be flat, exactly the opposite but all I am asking it that I am allowed to use a bit of assistance when shooting, providing I am not breaking any rules. Obviously if I was to start shooting really high scores (very unlikely) it might have to be looked at.

Please don't think I am having a rant, I am just trying to point out some of the issues that I have and how I would like to overcome them if possible.

I really do like the sport of HFT and everyone I have met have been really great with encouragement, just like this post so I would love to continue shooting where courses are accessible.

Thanks for taking the time to read and respond



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