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This is a sensitive and difficult subject.

Over the last 11 years on HFT courses I've seen people with 1 arm, 1 leg, walking aided with 1 or 2 sticks etc.

There has often been questions about disabled and wheelchair users.

There is probably a difference between letting people 'have a go' and people competing. Apart from the physical issues of someone in a wheelchair getting around a HFT course there's the issue of the firing position at the peg. Most people with the high quality pcp rifles of today could hit all kill sizes at respective ranges at the zero range shooting from a comfy prone position. That's not really what HFT is about. Course designers have long since learned that it's a totally different shot on a course when you have to get high up on the peg to get over a hump etc ... or you are shooting in a dip with your shoulders high and your feet high but your waist is low in the dip ... or you have to get just a few inches off the peg to get around an obstruction. Even supported shots can be different every time as you have to try and find the best angle/position on that tree because of branches etc. I've complained about shots where you have to be able to float in mid air ... and I still think there is no need for those ... but no one wants each shot to be on a flat area where you can take the shot using the perfect prone stance.

So a lot of the competition and skill in HFT is about finding and using the best position at the peg. Wheelchair users will find it difficult enough but they will not be shooting the same course as non wheelchair shooters ... ie those little details that the course setters have put into each shot.

So it's great to try and let wheelchair users have a go ... but will they be able to actual 'compete' with the other shooters ... even if they can physically get the chair around the course? Will they want that? Will they want to be allowed to 'have a go' but not be competing in the sport?

That isn't meant to sound disrespectful or harsh. Quite the opposite.

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