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Default There one, theres another one, theres one

Many an ev2 was spotted at Tondu Yesterday along with new members!

Arms dealer's spare ev2 is up for sale and potentially heading to the Chap I baught REV off.
Chrono tested and all well, the deal is set for Saturday?

Following that it was Test Arms Dealers Ostler ev2, which seemingly let him down at Bisley refusing to point a pellet in the direction of a target Kill!
The barrel was clean, consistant to 5 fps over the chrono.
Selected die 14 and began at 50m. Nice group, but all about 10ml outside 9. Came in to 10m (no alteration of dialing) and firing at each pellet produces a nice left diagnal line. Windage out.? Yep still left at 32m.
Adjusted and back to 50m and produced the tightest group of the day, MEGA MEGA barrel on this one and he offered it to me + Cash for the GC + REV on sunday on the way home.
Good job I am his friend other wise i would take it lol

Carl Clean was next up with his .22 Daystate hunstam.
Drop boards out and zeroed up, he was suitably impressed with the set up to pay the dosh and join. He even hit most of the targets first time out so the bunnies of S.Wales are in fear

Shunter was next up with his perfect 10 Mpr. Least it would have been perfect Sunday if it had been a 10 shot gp and not 50. Needless to say Shunter was a bit dissapointed with sundays Gp score.
A selection of pellet testing at 50m showed no groups at all, even my mega die 5 struggled.
Turns out he took the air stripper off saturday to clean the barrel, my suspission that it had gone back on in the wrong spot confirmed by removing it and groups instantly tightened up.
so it was left off! Bit of experimenting needed there if it is to go back on?

Mr,Sheen completed (slowly lol) the set up of Garths ev2 and then proceded to slowly improve on his grouping. Turns out the dodgy AA pellets I sold him were not that well liked by the barrel, least not until sized to 4.50. Groups noticably better with sized, i have rented out my Sizer and expect it back polished up and all shinny brass like upon its return!
Mr.Sheen did manage to hit the 15 ml in the woods so I will have to get him to show Gadget how to do it lol.

Gadget sneaked in for a bit of practise, claims to only have missed 4 standing on easy Ft but I think that was ex 16 as I had opps cut the strings on a few of the hard targets while strimming in the woods!
Job for saturday, re string, paint easy Ft and maybe add one or two 25 ml?

Last but in no way least Was Zak.
Complete with Warren edwards stocked ev2 from Up north. Very nice to as Mr.Ryan said it would be.
Burris swap complete, zero at 25y and set up boards were out (in yards) and clicks matched to ranges.
Gun grouped superbly with his die 8 at 50m.
I think he was impressed with the gun and how we set it up, I cant confirm it but I think i heard him think "How do you miss with one of these" at one point.
In return for me excellent tuition and set up skills, a large deposite of Ckicken Tikka Biriani was exchanged. Home Cooked ! Now I have to say i made the fatel error of trying this at club. I was spot on, better than resteraunt standard and it was a hard task to stop showeling it as fast as I could. It went down very well last night while watching the apprentice once home and indeed it went down well on the way home, down the back of the car seat, down the side pocket, down my top!
Anyway, Big Thank you Zak for that and We have plenty left for today

I did a bit of grouping with Priest, all was spot on but was far more interested in the fantastic smell coming from my car!
BFTA Grading Q's to;
sorry wont answer Bfta q's on forums, Cant keep track of replies etc!
BFTA updates on

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