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Originally Posted by Alcanara View Post
I have at last found a very nice EV2 here in Spain. I had tried many places and forums but at last I found one here from a guy in the Spanish FT Circle.

A great spanish forum by the way....

At the moment I have a Nikko Stirling hunting scope on it..... this is until i save some more shekkles.

I zeroed it at 30 mtrs just for fun and to test it all out.... and here is the rub???

I set out targets (at ground level, although my land rises up as you move further away from the shooting position) at 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 mtrs.

at was a liitle high and left of POI. 1/4 mildot high, 3/4 mildot to the left. Scope at 10X mag.

It progressively got closer to the correct POI as I got to 30 mtrs zero.... then it dropped and moved to the right as I increased the distance. At 55mtrs it was 2 mildots low and almost the same to the right????

To the experts out there what is going on here? Is the scope out of alignment? PS... I should mention there was a little but not significant wind from the left.
The up and down movement seems to be in accordance with what you would expect.... but the left right movement seems very odd to me????
Thank you for your help in this matter.


Before changing anything drastic, I would try hard to find an indoor range where any wind won't affect your POI. It's worth appreciating that wind can act in strange ways: left to tight for the first 30 yards, and then right to left thereafter, so it really is worth finding an indoor facility.

If the scope turn out to be misaligned, the easiest solution is a set of mounts that are adjustable for windage as well as elevation. Good luck.
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