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Maybe not much help but to "add to the pot".

Some on here will remember "MAD MARK" Brewster (RIP Mark).

Mark wanted to shoot some HFT comps and asked if we could help out. At the time the ground we used was fairly level, with reasonable access to the pegs. A section of our current ground is similar. This is important as some grounds would find such access impossible.

On some of the shoots we had a club "volunteer" to haul, push,drag Mark and his wheelchair around the course. At other shoots his son did that job.
We put no restriction on how Mark would shoot and every shot was taken from his chair. When setting the course we had to ensure each target could be seen from a chair.

It was a successful exercise and Mark much appreciated it. I'm not suggesting any formula but just saying what we did to enable Mark to shoot. The Paralympics demonstrates how difficult it can be to attempt to get any kind of level playing field.
Maybe the approach we took could enable some wheelchair bound competitors to take part.

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