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Access will be a more difficult problem than adapting the rules to put you on a closer to level playing field. As your club rep I have brought the issue up at SARPA meetings in the past, and I know that everyone will be happy to help as far as adopting rules for wheelchair users is concerned. The changes both Scooby and Rick have mentioned in their replies are along the same lines as what was discussed at SARPA. The terrain at most clubs grounds will be a much more difficult problem to overcome, but it is something that all clubs should be seriously considering in order to make our sport available to all. If you inform me of any changes you make to your chair I will take the information to the SARPA HFT League Manager, to insure it would be included in the rules we shoot to. You are, as far as I know, the first wheelchair user to take part in our sport and are therefore the tip of the sword as far as other wheelchair users getting involved.
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