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Originally Posted by aitchuk View Post
Bri could you let me know if you are doing another run of scope turrets
I would like 3 marked in 5 click increments if that is possible

Yup will do H.. I can put any numbers / increments you like. Bare in mind that there are 48 clicks for one complete rotation of the turret though, so 5 click increments will leave one section a bit smaller than the others.

On the turret's I've done in this batch, each mark on the bottom of the turret is 2 clicks - I can put a mark for each click but I was worried they might end up being a bit close together.

Also discovered that there are 32 splines in the centre of the turret to line up with 48 clicks, so it's not always possible to line up a click mark perfectly (you've probably already noticed this flaw with the original turret).

I'll let you know when I do the next order and go through what you want with you then. Adding any clicks, numbers is a doddle - 30 second job.
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