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Originally Posted by rogb View Post
Well done for sorting the Steyr team out, Vin.I didn't know I could of got a badge. I would like one to wear with pride. I will tell "Mr Sheen" he can get one too.

Can I call Rangesport and buy a couple?

I don't think I will be at Emley so all Team Steyr please do your best and hold on to that lead. COME ON YOU SPORTWAFFEN
Im sure if you drop Dave a line he'd be more than happy to sort you out mate I meant to grab a few off of Dave after session 1 to offer up for sale but with marshalling and running around after team scores,etc it kinda got forgotten And as you've said COME ON YOU SPORTWAFFEN, we have a 1 point lead over Walther and it would be superb is Team Steyr could take the manufacturers title

P.S. Dave is also about to do a snazzy line in Steyr shirts as well I saw one on the sunday and it looked ace

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