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Originally Posted by Knockedover View Post
Just a quick thank you to all those that put their scores down for the Steyr team this weekend at Quarry At last count I received and managed to chase down a pretty healthy amount of Steyr shooters
So big thanks to...

John Rawnsley
Richard Woods
Greg Hensman Jr
John Murray
Chris Coombes
Roger Bentley
Ray Ross
Ross Hudson
Darren Quincey
Jennie Stone
Steph Kirkwood
Derek Wittingham
and last but not least the top shot of the weekend, Rose Hudson

See you all at Emley at the end of next month
Well done for sorting the Steyr team out, Vin.I didn't know I could of got a badge. I would like one to wear with pride. I will tell "Mr Sheen" he can get one too.

Can I call Rangesport and buy a couple?

I don't think I will be at Emley so all Team Steyr please do your best and hold on to that lead. COME ON YOU SPORTWAFFEN
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