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Whilst not there Jack (work been getting in the way a lot this year), I am glad you enjoyed your first GP.

I remember my first one and I hit 10 (going by my old notebook of FT shoot s started when doing it). Even after the first few lanes of hitting nothing I told myself that this was the sport for me and have been doing it on and off for nearly 20 years now.

To be honest, writing down things about the shoot such as weather conditions, wind, course layout and targets for me worked well as I could review the day and it provided memory joggers for things that I was doing wrong and right. Also highlighted what I needed to practice more.

After that shoot I told myself that the next event I would hit one more than the previous round. Worked on that for about 5 years, yes there were some disasters along the way but I made my way from C to B in 2 years then A 3 years after that.

Back down in B at the moment but I put that down to lack of practice on our club days as I seem to be trying to help others.

Its a nasty bug FT, as it never seems to be far from your mind on what you need to improve . Work on the basics and just enjoy the good and the bad days.
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